Saldanha Bay Municipality Project


How the SBM Project Started

Governments must become a part of the fast-growing 4IR or Industry 4.0 movement in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Because of its finger on the pulse of a changing, technologically driven global environment, Saldanha Bay Municipality recognises the benefits that 4IR can provide through e-government services, smart resource management, safety, artificial intelligence (AI), and other value-added services in order to improve the lives of its citizens. Saldanha Bay Municipality has accepted the challenge of preparing our municipality for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in order to allow our citizens to benefit from its opportunities and enhancements. As a result, we have embraced the challenge of getting our municipality ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Saldanha Bay Municipality has begun the process of establishing a cutting-edge fibre network that will provide open access to data networks for all of its residents. Saldanha Bay Municipality is the only municipality in South Africa that has addressed the problem of data network accessibility in its communities.


The SBM Digital Citizen

The Digital Citizen App, conceptualised by Amoeba TSC and aligned to function effortlessly with municipal systems, forms part of the Baobab Fibre project, which is focused on connecting every single household in the municipal area.

The application is a comprehensive engagement platform between the citizens, municipality and service providers with the following functionalities: communication, emergency button, helpdesk, utility management, services shopping, digital wallet and payments, document repository, events, photo gallery and facility management.

Saldanha Bay Digital Citizen Flash Screen



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Baobab Fibre Project

The Baobab fibre project was formally initiated and has made huge strides in establishing the open access fibre infrastructure, (which has already been) installed in Langebaan, Saldanha and Vredenburg. The initial focus is on civil trenching works. 

Read More About the Baobab Fibre Project6 December 2021

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SBM Digital Citizen App Launch

Saldanha Bay Municipality Digital Citizen Application launched that is integrated with the open access network to deliver its utility services digitally to prospective users.

READ MORE ABOUT THE SBM Digital Citizen1 July 2022

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Planned Completion

The project plan makes provision for completion of works within an estimated 18 months, when the entire Saldanha Bay Municipal area will be covered with network infrastructure.  The civils and ducting project will now extend to Jacobsbaai, Paternoster, St Helena Bay and Hopefield with an expected completion date of approximately August 2023.

August 2023